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The Countdown to Tax Day is on!!

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We’re nearing the deadline.  Are you ready for tax day?

It’s widely stated that the new tax laws make filing your taxes easier.  Well that may be true for your Federal return but it may very well not be the case for your State return.  Minnesota has a completely different return than last year and also very different from Federal.

There are cases where you may not need to file with the IRS but you still need to file for state.  There are also many cases where you can itemize for Minnesota even if you can’t for your Federal return.

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How long do I need to keep my records?

People wonder this often.  There is no hard and fast rule to make everyone happy.  “Keep everything for 7 years” doesn’t really cut it.  In some cases it may, but there are situations where you are required to keep documents and records indefinitely.  (more…)

How profitable is your business?

This may seem like an odd question but it’s an important question.  It’s probably THE most important question.  However, many business owners don’t really know the answer.  Or they think they do….but don’t realize they aren’t looking at the right information.  They work hard, sell a good product, and as long as they can pay their bills, they call it good.  Is that really good enough?  (more…)