The Benefits of Virtual and Remote Bookkeeping

It’s amazing to me that 15 years ago I had this heavy Nokia phone and that I could text someone and now, I can open QBO (QuickBooks Online) on an app on my phone and handle a client’s bookkeeping needs without needing to fire up my laptop.  Technology has made the work of running a business much more flexible.

It’s also given rise to the availability of remote accounting services.  For some people, this may be a scary thought but there are several benefits to utilizing a remote bookkeeper or accountant.

Frees Up Time

A professional bookkeeper, whether working on site or virtually, should be an expert and can take the tedious work of accounting off your hands.  A virtual bookkeeper keeps working throughout the month to stay on top of your accounting so it can be as out of sight/out of mind as you want it to be.

Lower Cost

Offloading your bookkeeping should save you money, though it sometimes may not feel that way when you get a quote.  There is opportunity cost of maintaining your own books.  If you are missing out on making sales because you are reconciling bank accounts, it’s costing you.  Even if a bookkeeper’s hourly rate may seem high, remember, they do this work all the time.  A professional bookkeeper or accountant should be able to process the required work in less time than someone who’s not in the accounting field.  The total overall cost of hiring a professional should, and will often be, less than the cost of missed business and time spent reconciling.


There are so many ways to track accounting now thanks to technology.  No matter your business’s size, industry, or age, there is an accounting software that can handle your work and handle it remotely.  From QuickBooks Desktop to Wave Accounting and Xero, the flexibility exists to give you the information you need to make actionable decisions and to grow your business.

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash