It’s time for an Operating Manual

Wait…I can’t remember how I did this last month!

I don’t know about you, but my brain gets pretty full at times.

Not only do you have to keep on top of your day to day life activities but you’ve been working your tail off running your business. You even have a handle on doing your own bookkeeping….which I have to say, is very impressive. The thing is, there are so many small things that only happen once a month, quarter or year that it can be pretty difficult remember exactly how and why you did what you did last time. Of course, you can dig back into your records and see WHAT you did but can you remember HOW or WHY?

Imagine your own customized operating manual. At month end, when you can’t quite remember how to generate that report, you can reach for the manual.

You’ve got a digital copy and a hard copy at your desk. You check the Table of contents and turn right to that Payroll Entry page that tells you exactly what, how and why you need to make that entry you haven’t made in a month.

CMK Financial Services can sit down with you and with your guidance build and customize your own Operating Manual.  Your books will be more consistent from month to month and you reduce the cost of asking questions of your accountant.  We can update your Operating Manual quarterly, yearly, or whenever you feel necessary.

Contact us to get started building your Operating Manual.